The Trinidad and Tobago Sustainable Development Network

The purpose of this Network is to create a mechanism through which civic society would seek to influence the process for planning for sustainable development and its implementation in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as to contribute to the approach and content of particular development proposals.  The goal of the Network is to achieve an approach to planning for the economic, environmental and social development of Trinidad and Tobago, that is holistic, inter-sectoral, inter-disciplinary, participatory and inclusive of a wide range of citizen interests.

In its pursuit of this purpose and goal, the Network will seek to maintain an ‘institutional’ memory about, and to contribute to continuity in, policy analysis and implementation within the country, and will emphasise accountability, consultation and transparency in the conduct of planning, design and implementation of development activities.

This overall purpose and goal will be pursued by members of the Network and in conjunction with other individuals and entities who may collaborate.

SDNTT Documents:  

  • Final Guide
    This includes the Core Document, the Heritage and Stabilization Fund and the Planning Framework for Mega-Projects

  • Mind Your Own Business (MYOB)
    The popular version of the Core Document - the Guide.